I just graduated from Stanford in June 2018, where I studied Chemical Engineering. There, I explored starting a company using protein engineering to develop therapeutic enzymes, and was the ambassador for Sequoia Capital. You can check out more on my LinkedIn.

More personally, I am originally from Argentina, but I moved from the colorful Buenos Aires to Houston when I was 7. At this point, I probably resonate more with American culture, but Spanish will always be my first language and there's nothing I crave more than a good asado.


I'll be moving to Boston in August 2019 to start my PhD at MIT, but I'm taking a gap year before that. I'm currently at Whole Biome, a microbiome start-up in the Bay Area, where I'm working on product innovation and operations. After this, I will be travelling through South America with my girlfriend, Daria, relaxing and reconnecting with the culture.


After my PhD, the plan is to start my own biotech company. Can't really think further than that...

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